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Our products aim to aid children with learning problems.


We know not through our intellect but through our experience.

~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty ~

A word from our founder

My story begins many years ago.

I taught French and also had a class where the children achieved marks far below average.
I noticed that they displayed similar characteristics like clumsiness, poor sense of time, extremely poor handwriting and an inability to write coherently as well as a complete inability to read. Spoken language however was good.

Thus began my journey with learning disabled children, also called different names like dyslexia, dyscalculia.

Some of these children are hyperactive and are called ADHD children.
After further studies in this field, I had my own practice where I saw these children on a one on one basis.

It appeared that some children battled to read and recognise the sounds within the words. It meant that they did not process information through the visual and auditory modalities. Thus a third sense had to be incorporated to help them to read.

That is when I proceeded to make the materials necessary to achieve a tactile experience, i.e. feel the sounds with their skin, which coupled with the other two modalities gave a complete grasp of the fact that words consisted of sounds which must be put together to form a word.

That was the beginning of TactileToys. Children who learn to read are still in a concrete phase and need to have a concrete experience of what they are learning. As time is a factor in a remedial session, the tools available must be easily accessible to the therapist of teacher. The child touches the letter which has a surface with a heightened sensory awareness, traces it to get a tactile experience of the letter. Thus begins the building of a word and a sentence e.g. b-a-d; b-a-n-d; b-l-a-n-d, etc

A reader based only on the words that the child has already covered, assists the set of letters. My experience was that it results in excellent success and that the child acquires the ability to read. The most wonderful was to see children who once battled with reading and math, become high achievers like engineers, auditors and lawyers.

~ Anne-Marie Muller ~

B.A. T.H.E.D. DSE (Remedial)

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