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Prerequisites for Learning

A motivated child learns well. We all know it. It is important for all children, even children with learning disabilities.

But motivation consists of a few things:

First of all the child must have a positive self image. He must feel that he wants to and is able to learn something new. A positive self image is created by positive parents and teachers, who encourage, praise and impart to the child that he or she is successful in everything he endeavours. There should be no negativity in the house or at school.

This creates an inner urge in the child to learn new things, to explore and to be inquisitive.

Parents have an ever important role to be interested in their child. Questions, encouragement, appreciation and a structured environment all adds to a motivated child.

Motivation is not a once off activity by parents or teachers. It should be consistent and continuous.

As the child matures and experience new things, motivation improves.

He learns that there is a reason or a cause for every action or event. He will be propelled forward to explore and be more motivated.

It is important to motivate a child positively. Fear for punishment is the worst form of motivation and should be avoided at all cost.

A child should be helped to deal with failure and know that it is important to move on after failing at something. It will stand him in good stead in life.

Lastly , it must be said that the following must be in place:

  • Food provision. A hungry child is not motivated
  • Health provision. A sick child is not motivated
  • Proper education. A teacher who is not on top of her subject will not motivate a child.

The best indication that a child is motivated is when he competes with himself, knows that he wants to do better than the previous effort and strives towards a new goal.

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