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What is Tactile Toys?

Many studies have shown that children with difficulties in word reading benefit from explicit, systematic phonic wareness.

Substitutions, reversals, rotations

When children struggle to read, the first thing to ensure is that they have a phonemic awareness, i.e. that they know their phonemes and can put them together to form words. With the aid of TactileToys, this is attainable because, the children get to know the sounds and put them together to form words, which then are put together to form sentences. The reader indicates very well the order in which it should be done.

The reader is graded form three letter words and gradually four letter words with blends are introduced at the end of words. Only words that have been read are included in sentences so to ensure success and give the child a sense of achievement.

Children also present with problems like reversals e.g. b/d. These sounds are in opposite colours (green and red) to assist the child to feel, distinguish between and remember the difference.

Rotations arealso addressed, e.g. p/q. Again the letters are in opposite colours, namelyblue and yellow. The same principle is applied withm/w.

Should a child substitute one letter for the other, e.g. k/t ; m/n or one word for the other e.g. a/the, building the word with the highly tactile and colourful letters will help to eliminate the problem.

The problem of omitting words is also addressed. When a child builds the sentence, he will recognise that a sentence consists of several words, each word serving a purpose. Reading the phrase after building the phrase will enforce this principle. The same principle applies for Inserting letters and words.

Futhermore, children with a reading problem tends to read one word for another e.g. road/street.

Building the word, will eliminate this.

Figure –Ground perception

Figure-ground perception is the ability to distinguish that which the child is busy with, from the background. A child who exhibits problems in this area, will typically battle to copy work from the board or lose his place when reading. He may even jump from the middle of one sentence to the middle of the next line and continue reading. Inevitably, comprehension will be compromised.

Using Tactile Toys will greatly help to overcome this problem as the letters are colourful and will show up from the background. Getting used to concentrate on the foreground will eventually lead the child to distinguish the words he is reading from the background of many words.

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