Testimonials from Our Customers

In Grade 4 we discovered that our son had severely impaired vision (5% in his left eye and 30% in his right eye). Although he had an eye-test in Grade 0, this problem was never picked up. We also discovered that our son learnt by hearing as he could never see on the blackboard. Learning subjects like Social science, Natural Science and Economic Management Sciences were never really a problem as he could learn that by hearing, but in Grade 5 his maths and comprehension test marks dropped dramatically due to the fact that he could not compensate for his disability. His teacher referred me to Anne-Marie Muller for remedial teaching, because certain concepts had not been internalised. My son attended Anne-Marie’s remedial teaching for 18 months and during this time saw a steady improvement in both maths and comprehension tests. His maths showed a steady improvement from 36% up to 90% three weeks ago. Comprehension tests were usually as low as 30-40% and also showed a steady improvement to about 70%. Our son is in grade 7 and the overall improvement in his marks gave him back his self confidence he needed. Anne-Marie definitely has a way of working with children and made a huge impact on my son.
My son has been receiving remedial aid with Anne-Marie for a couple of years. She has built him up not only on an academic level but also on a personal level. Her patience, dedication and love for the children she works with makes her a remarkable person and my child has related well to her. She has a structured routine and is always motivating and full of praise which assists the children on an academic and personal level. She understands the children well enough to know when they have had enough and are tired and immediately changes the session to doing something out of the ordinary to make the learning fun. My son has developed the confidence and understanding to improve on his marks and has shown a vast improvement in his learning subjects. THANK YOU ANNE-MARIE!!!
My son, aged 10 years, has been attending remedial classes for spelling and reading with Anne-Marie Muller for the past few months. His spelling has improved enormously – to such an extent that he is now near the top of his class where previously he was nearly at the bottom. Even his teachers commented on the great improvement. Anne-Marie works intensively on an individual basis with great results. This has improved my child’s self-esteem as well as his marks in language subjects. I highly recommend remedial classes to any child with a similar problem!
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